Sunday, 18 December 2011

Internet Justice League: Superheroes of the Online World

What if the titans of today’s Internet turned into superheroes? Here’s the Internet Justice League, a pantheon of superheroes infused with awesome Internet powers.
Each represents an Internet entity, including Facebook, Google, Google +, Amazon and more, all jostling with the other superheroes for Internet dominance.
(Note) - Few of the mentioned sites are not a rage in India, but are a force to reckon with around the globe. This comic was sourced from Mashable.
Superhero # 1

Superhero # 2
Superhero # 3

Superhero # 4

Superhero # 5

Superhero # 6

Too bad many of their superpowers are sometimes questionable. See if you agree with with the assessments of these Internet behemoths, their relationships with each other and their various archenemies.