Monday, 15 April 2013

Office Office

One more hour to wait.
Then will be out of the gate.

The hardest part of work,
is to pretend you’re working hard.
You can only work on so many excels,
or shuffle so many business cards.

I’m bored of Facebook,
I have nothing to tweet,
Now I need my coffee,
and something sweet to eat.

Like always, here’s a group of four,
Gossiping, backbiting,
Never enlightening,
Telling lies, but calling it “true story”.,
Just to achieve coffee time glory,

Back at my desk, I look at my watch,
Just to realize, there is still 30 minutes,
That will drive me nuts,
Just when I think that the day is over,
The client calls and asks for a favor,
Asking for another plan to be  sent,
Oh no, one more hour to be spent…

Every day, we take this jaunt,
For satisfying a basic want
When my dad asks me, aisa kyun haal hai?
I say, “Paapi pet ka sawaal hai”

*Views expressed are necessarily not mine, but general observations :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fear of Unknown

My eyes scan the surroundings,
Looking for the old nemesis
I cannot explain
this mysterious pain
Someone please help, make this go away,
For I cannot take this one more day

When everything around is fine,
I do not know why do I worry so much all the time
Just when I started to be happy and free,
The feeling again crept upon me

All I want to do is scream and shout
As I feel there is no way out,
I know you people won’t understand,
But this is not who I’m

As the days go by,
I feel worse and worse,
So many things have gone wrong,
It is just hard to stay strong