Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dil aur dimaag ki baatein (Arguement between mind & heart)

Aaj subah phir se dil aur dimmag ka jhagada hua...

Dimaag ne kaha, daftar chal, kaam kar
Dil ne kaha, ghar baith, apne aap par gaur kar,

Dimaag ne kaha,kaam se door na bhaag
toh dil ne kaha, apne sapno se door na bhaag

Dimaag ne kaha, samajhdari se kaam karo,
Dil ne kaha, apni hi manmaani karo

Dimaag ne pucha.. zindagi mein kuch banana nahi hai?
Dil ne jawaab diya, banana toh hai, par raasta sahi nahi hai.

Dimaag ko gussa aaya, aur bola, sab tujhpe hasenge
dil hasa aur bola,baaki logon ki kyun fikar,kabhi khud pe hans ke dekh,

Dimaag bola, bas kar, aur ab chal,
dil bola, zara tehar, soch le do pal...

Dimaag ne pucha, aye dil, tu meri baat kyun nahi sunnta?
dil bola, yehi toh tu samajh nahi paya, log teri sunnte hai, aur meri maante hain...

Dimmag ne kaha, chal samjhauta karte hain,
dil khush hua aur bola, chal, aaj se din tere aur rattein meri

Phir dil ne mujhse kaha,tu fikar naa kar,
dimaag se naa darr,
raatein meri hain, poora faayda le aur sapne dekh,
ek din mein jeetunga...

NOTE: This is my first attempt at writing Hindi poetry. Do drop in a comment if you like it


  1. I agree with the conclusion... Sapne to dekhna hi hai... bas sapne do ankhon mein samana chahiye... to phir dil aur dimaag dono khushhh rahenge :)

  2. superb ...
    Dil hai saccha , dimag hai kaccha

  3. I agree with vinod ipsita and chhavi :)

  4. First attempt!!! Excellent!!!!!!

  5. guess who is able to balance the fight between the two always stays happy, we need both, absence of one will be harmful :)

  6. This is my favorite post till now. loved it.

  7. Thank you all... Your appreciation means a lot.

  8. @ Jayu anna - Thanks you very much. Looking forward to read you r posts tonight.

  9. Very relatable thought and brilliant, the fact that its in Hindi.

    Takes me back to some simple ( but with a great connect ) poetry that has been written by the likes of Gulzar.

    Would sound great on audio with a piyush pandey/ gulzar kind of voice.( i can almost hear it ring in my ears )

  10. @Zahid... Thanks for the huge compliment. It means a lot.

  11. WAH!!! AH! Khush Hua :-) At the end "apni hi manmaani karo".