Friday, 18 November 2011

The noise in my head

I wish I could stop the noise in my head,
The only thought is “what lies ahead”
Darkness is my mind’s theme
I keep telling myself that this is a dream
But who am I trying to fool?

I know it is a mental block
I just need to stop and take stock,
But easy as it may sound,
Peace is not easily found
NO words or self help books help me
It seems life is out here to *#@* me
I put myself through the same routine
And do the same crappy thing in a new crappy way

My mind is at war with me
Why me, I ask, oh almighty?
The noise in my head is getting worse,
It is such a curse…
It feels like I’m in a freefall
This, I’m sure, cannot be the end of all…

Need to wake up,
But my eyes are tired
Cannot sleep as I’m too wired..


  1. Nice piece of free verse mate!!Loved reading it! :)

  2. Its funny, but when I clicked on the link, google said it contains content of an adult nature, and I was wondering what had you written :-) Poetry aptly stating the prose on everyone's mind :D

  3. :) Thanks. Do not know about everyone's mind..Mine surely thinks this way. Hey AK 79, who is this?

  4. can so relate with this one..very well is all that the noise needs :)

  5. @ Shradha - Thanks so much... We can sing a duet. Roshni will like it for sure.

  6. Dude this sound so much like a rap song...full off attitude !!!