Monday, 28 November 2011

Tongue tied

If the day had a few more hours,
A few more minutes in those hours,
I would lay my feelings bare
And would show you how much I care….
My words may not be expressive like your eyes
But I shall get my feeling through
Every day I tell myself to tell you,
That there is not a prettier sight in the whole wide world than you,
But when my lay their sights on you,
I get lost and everything around me is a haze,
All you do is stand in front of me with a smile on your face….
When I look at you every morning,
I see a rainbow through my window,
Your face looks as pretty as petals in spring..
Oh, how can I tell you, to me, you mean everything...


  1. Quintessential Romantic Poetry :)

  2. Yeah...Wrote it for my wife ( hope she reads this)

  3. wonderful work with words to weave a romantic song:))